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Yoga Instructor Certifcation Course 200/250hrs


RYT 200/250 hours


Join our Yoga Alliance Australia Accredited RYT-200/250 yoga teacher trainings on the edge of wilderness. Become not just any Yoga Teacher… but a Yoga Teacher who can lead their students with confidence and competence; addressing their body, energy, mind, emotions, and improving their quality of life.


Transform Your Mind, Your Body & Life



Yoga Teacher Training Overview

Union Yoga Ayurveda (Australia) 200/250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training certification is one of the most holistic and therapeutic yoga teacher trainings. Through our curriculum, we create a foundation for teaching yoga skillfully, effectively and relevantly.

Yoga Alliance is the world’s largest and widely recognized standards-setting organization for Yoga Teachers. Our Yoga Alliance certified RYT-250 Hour training qualifies you to teach in both Australia and all over the world upon graduation.

We embrace a holistic approach to the path of yoga, combining the wisdom of traditional yoga with contemporary understandings of the body. The yoga taught is not another ‘style’ of Yoga but draws from the healing traditions of the Swami Paramhansa and Swami Vivekananda lineage.



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Is this the course for me?

The 200/250 hour course is open to students of all yoga levels with the commitment to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery, including:

Students with the desire to become yoga teachers and gain our internationally recognized RYT-200/250 Yoga Teaching qualification, and

Students who do not wish to be yoga teachers but have a sincere desire to deepen their own knowledge, understanding Yoga from a teacher’s perspective and Self

This course is a rewarding journey for both who wish to teach yoga and those who are ready to embark on a personal journey of self-enquiry.

For those who wish to teach, the training will empower you to self-awareness, self-healing and self-discovery, and provide you with the knowledge and confidence to lead classes. You will gain the skills to teach safe and assist people in adjusting to the changes that are affecting their lives.

What You Will Personally Get From The Training

The Union Yoga & Ayurveda RYT-200/250-hour Yoga Teacher Training allows you to experience the true essence of yoga. We will give you the information and experience of yoga practices and theory needed to teach and share skillfully and efficiently with others.

RYT 200/250 hour YTT will leave with a comprehensive knowledge of:

Introduction to Yoga and its Streams
Yoga, its origin, philosophy, meaning, definition, misconception, happiness analysis, Kriyas, Mudras and Bandhas.

The Art of Teaching
How to teach postures and practices safely with correct alignment, modifications, adjustments and cues.

Applications of Yoga
Eight limbs of yoga and yoga for personality development.

Stress Management
Role of stress with relation to the disorders.

Special Technique
Techniques of yoga therapy.

The Physical Postures
Instruction in yoga postures, including physical performance and energetic and healing effects.

The Art of Breathing
You will explore in-depth the wisdom of breathing techniques, pranayama and meditation allowing for a deeper experience of the healing spiritual benefits of Yoga.

Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga
A comprehensive knowledge of A&P from a yogic perspective (Nadis, Koshas, Chakras, Gunas).

Innovative Yoga & Self Practice
Planning and teaching a class, hence a yoga teacher’s self practice is foundation from which great teaching begins. Students leave with a personal practice, specifically designed for their body, mind and spirit.

Worldwide Qualification – Yoga Alliance is the world’s largest and widely recognized standards-setting organization for Yoga teachers. Accepted all over the world, a Yoga Alliance RYT-250 registration means you will be certified to teach globally upon graduation.

To qualify for a RYT 250 hour YTT, you can attend 7-day training immersion retreat in Japan inclusive of accommodation and food (flights not included) in September 2018. 50 hours can be applied to our 200-hour yoga teacher-training program. If you have not completed a yoga teacher training program you can attend the retreat only portion of this intensive.

Your Training Investment

Early Bird – only AUD $3,900 (includes deposit) when you book and pay for your training course two months in advance

Regular – AUD $4,200 (includes deposit)

Please note – Prices include a $350 AUD non-refundable deposit to secure your place. Prices do not include flights, meals or accommodation.


The Great Southern

Manjimup Shire, Western Australia

A Yoga Teacher Training is one of the most incredible adventures you will have in your life, so our goal is to ensure that you get immersed into this eye-opening adventure on one of the most beautiful locations on earth! If you have always dreamed of a life of tranquility, surrounded by natural forest and the peaceful vibes of a environment with abundance of fresh produce – then you will soon find the South West of Western Australia is the perfect yoga teacher training destination for you.

Why Choose the South West of WA For Your Yoga Teacher Training?

Unplug from the hectic rush of the modern world and reconnect with Nature/Self
Our species originated as part of nature, we long to return to our natural state. This is why many believe that wilderness areas are vital for the human spirit and creativity. Natural places provide us with solitude, recreation, and beautiful vistas that calm our minds and help us to feel at peace and connected with our truest self. In the words of Yanomami shaman Davi Kopenawa, ‘The environment is not separate from ourselves; we are inside it and it is inside us.’

Pristine environment for healthy, happy living
The southwest is not marred by traffic jams, dirty air or noise pollution, so you can unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate in a quiet and pristine environment.

On the edge of wilderness
Filters and cleans the air we breathe and the water we drink. Our forests produce oxygen that the world depends upon. Additionally being far enough away from the light pollution, we get to observe the night sky, the stars and planets, and the Milky Way in their full splendor.

Access and camping on indigenous cultural and sacred sites during your yoga experience
During the Yoga Teacher Training you will get to enjoy the pristine beaches and waters on ancestral lands. Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe

‘Shinrinryoku’ in ancient forest
‘Taking in the forest atmosphere’ or ‘forest bathing’ in Karri Country, the second tallest hardwood tree in the world, growing to heights of 90 metres, almost 3 metres in diameter and over 400 years of age. These and other giant eucalyptus such as Jarrah and Marri are harbours a wide range of endemic plant and animal species. A result of millions of evolution and ten of thousands of years of Aboriginal Land Management.

Learning to grow your food 101 at Stellar Violets
Stellar Library, Living Museum & Gallery offers educational and wellness programs from food, waste renewal, solar energy, water harvesting, Nature Playgroup to exploring self and how we want to give meaning to our life.

See where your foods come from
Visiting vegetable gardens, truffle farm, winery, dairy, fruit orchards and tasting them straight off the tree.

The most valuable Yoga Teacher Training experience on the market
On top of getting certified as a yoga teacher, you get to experience the legacy of untouched wild lands by indigenous guardians, interaction with primary growers, understanding the food system, and the faces behind your food. No doubt this experience will be an unforgettable story that will change your life

Exploring this stunning part of the world
This region is the gateway to many other popular sites and locations, and many students stay on after they graduate the Yoga Teacher Training to soak up more of the Great Southern vibes.



  1. Indian Institute of Patanjali Yoga

    Affiliated to Swami Paramhansa Samsthana

  2. Yoga Alliance, USA (An International Yoga Schools Accreditations Organization)

We offer this comprehensive training designed in accordance with the requirements for registration with Yoga Alliance USA. Upon graduation, students may apply directly with Yoga Alliance USA for "RYT 200 / 300" yoga teacher status. This certification is recognised worldwide. 

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