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Malimup Springs Retreat

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Malimup Springs Retreat

A bit about Malimup

Malimup Springs, is situated in Noongar Country in the south west of WA within the boundary of the D’Entrecasteaux National Park. It is owned by the Kaitijin Mia Mia Foundation and is of significant spiritual importance to Aboriginal people. Malimup Springs is home to rare flora and has unique hydrology, geology and archaeological values.

The house overlooks the ocean and is one of a kind. Its build of mostly natural and recycled materials. The whole front face is glass so you can be whale watching while enjoying a meal around the dining room table. It is a simple, but beautiful house with sun beds, inside gardens, pebble walls, stained glass and quite possibly the best bath in the world.

The property has private access to several beaches which makes the coastline nearly untouched.

Waterfall Bay is a 15 minute drive and a short walk but is well worth it. It lives up to its name as there is a beautiful waterfall on a sandy beach. With cliffs towering around the bay, wild waves crashing and safe little rock pools to swim in it makes this place a dream.

Pebble beach is another stunning yoga destination. It is only a 5 minute walk from the house over the hill and you have a breathtakingly wild but wonderful view of deep blue waters and rugged cliffs.

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