Beyond Face Value

A man who was ragged and appeared to be without anything in a physical sense came upon a road boss and said, "Can you help me? I need work."

The road boss said, "Fine, take that large boulder over there and roll it up and down the hill. If you need work that will fullfill your need." The man said, "You don't understand, what I really need is money." The boss replied, "Oh, if it is only money you need, here is fifty dollars. But you cannot spend it."

Again the man was perplexed. "You don't understand, what I really need is food, fuel and clothing, not just money." The boss again replied, "If you are sure this is what you need, then spend the money for food, fuel and clothing, but don't eat the food, or burn the fuel or wear the clothing."The man was finally forced to look at what he really needed which was a sense of security, peace and inner satisfaction. All totally invisible, all within the mind. All divine sustenance.

- Dr. Wayne Dyer