Attunement to Nature

What is living in alignment with Nature? It had always been a grey area, because it cannot simply mean living in the forest and experiencing different seasons. Swami Abhedananda could not have explained it better.

While growing and achieving things, experiencing some pain is inevitable, as there can be no growth without pain. to tolerate pain for the sake of growth is called 'patience'. When a baby comes out from a mother's womb, it cries due to the pain felt, but that is the only way to come out. All of us have to go through a painful process, bet let us accept it, for the gains are great once the pain is tolerated. the way of Nature is patience; everything is slow and steady in its course. A bud gradually unfolds into a flower. if we get impatient and try opening it before it is ready, it will wilt. It takes 20 years for one beautiful mango tree to bear fruit. Nature says, 'hold on', and there is no lethargy in that patience. Patience is with movement, in which there is a high degree of regularity.

Observe the spirit of rotation and revolution of the earth, precise to many decimals. The earth is positioned in such a way that it cannot budge even an inch, and supposing it does, a big disaster follows. These facts underline that there is a high level of regularity and sincerity, which is another name for answerability. A person who is irregular cannot be predictable, as one cannot depend on nor have sufficient faith in that person.

More importantly, nothing in Nature is for itself - even the sun does not bask in its own sunshine. Everything is for someone or something else (without an agenda!) We must reflect on the message conveyed by Nature, and determine our inner nature using Nature as a guide. In essence, the outer and inner are not independent. The greater the difference between our inner nature and outer self, the greater are the struggles in life. All of this are mere representations of foolish fighting with the Laws of Nature.

Just as the fragrance of a flower is for someone else, the fragrance of life comes only when we unconsciously live for someone or something else. Loving is when you can think of others at the cost of yourself (egos), and sacrificing your own joys. Loving is seeing the situation as others see it.

Observing and living in alignment with Nature is living with persistence, patience, consistency and sincerity. Slowly and steadily you will find that things start tilting in our favour. That is the Secret!