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I decided to have some private lessons, as I was too stiff for classes and wanted specific help. I have had chronic back and leg pain for 18 months, been to numerous physios, chiropractors, masseuses. All helped in a superficial temporary way. However, Gwen has been able to see me free from the chronic pain and given me practical guidance for things to do at home to keep me on track.

You can feel that Gwen really believes in what she is doing, which makes her a joy to be with. We had some excellent talks which helped tap into some of my baggage and get things moving on that level, too. Thank you so much Gwen, I really enjoyed our sessions, and am still feeling the benefit. I would recommend private lessons for anyone who feels a bit stuck and wants some holistic care. - Helen Hamersley

I find Gwen can sense the moment, for example, like when a slightly different movement will produce a better outcome, we aren't quite straight or positioned correctly, when the pain barrier is about to be broken, or when we need to relax or breathe into a routine. Gwen seems to be able to convey the movements needed in a concise way. - Glen Ryan

Gwen IS a standout yoga teacher!! 
Her ability for inclusivity of all. Her words of wisdom along the way that seem to apply so intimately and personally to oneself and yet all. Her genuiness, sense of humour and beautiful soul. - Jo Ryan

Some key words that I think apply to Gwen. Grace, challenge, fun, a sense of the spiritual. - Leanne Rowe

Warm and welcoming spirit. Clear instructions. Varied asanas. Great stretchingggggggg. Fabulous to watch. The perfect pint size instructor. - Joy Head

I like the way Gwen seem to adjust to varying classes without fuss and I enjoy the variety of her postures. They have a consistency while still revealing something new (more like an extension rather than random new) and for me i find that good. A measure of that is i rarely wonder how long it is the the end of the session......!!! - Allan Ronk

We all like that Gwen keeps chatting. Telling us exactly right on left, breathe in, exhale etc. (Some dumb clucks get it inside out sometimes.) Also love the variety and Gwen seem to pitch the challenges well according to her class. I think that's hard as we are all different levels. We love Gwen. - Susan Ronk

So much I could say about beautiful Yoga Instructor Gwen, what I love most about her class is that she is light hearted and soulful in the way she present. And she is very caring and encouraging. - Simone Miller

I have always enjoyed her sense of humour she brings to her classes. Makes me and I'm sure everyone feel at ease. - Michael Miller

Gwen's excellent education, experience and grounded approach are the foundation but it is her genuine (not fake new age blah blah) reverence for the soul within the body that makes her outstanding. - Polly Valentine

Gwen's intuitively teaches postures that suit class members personal needs. - Les Mirco

Gwen has a warm connection with all of her class members, she challenges and nurtures our poses, my yoga practice is developing more with each session. I love Gwen's classes and always feel soothe by her voice during our guided relaxation at the end of each session. Love your work Gwen. - Jennifer Martyn

Gwen "walk her talk" e.g. she lives and breathes yoga. Gwen is always putting into her practice her knowledge e.g. different poses depending on the participants. For me the biggest thing is the essence she brings to class. You create a sacred healing space. I totally trust Gwen even when she makes us do agonising poses I know she knows her stuff. I would say your depth of knowledge and the way you put that knowledge into practice, guiding us into asanas, always taking into account people's strengths and limitations. - Lizzie Troup

What makes Gwen stand out as a yoga teacher is... her calm, friendly energy and her ability to personalise the session, and her insight into using yoga in life i.e. working on your heartspace. You're amazing Gwen :) - Jodie Miller

Gwen's intuition and creativity make her special. Well, that's my immediate response. She responds to what is needed in the class - she doesn't deliver something that she has prepared in advance. She feels what is needed and follow that instinct. I love the way Gwen is always introducing new elements to keep it feeling challenging and fresh. She is also a bit cheeky, which helps us get through the painful moments at times - Fiona Sinclair

Having had four yoga ‘teachers’ in the last two years Gwen ‘you’ are one of two who are truly genuine, the other lives and practices in Bali and I only had her expertise for one week part time. You both are committed to Head, Heart and Body.  Spirituality learned. For me like I am ‘Born Again’. To me yoga is not just exercise for this damaged body as others practice for their flexibility. Heart and head (also damaged) are equally important. I attend other therapy monthly for head, heart and body awareness and Gwen provides the body movements and awareness to compliment this therapy.  It is hard, necessary and enjoyable to help my healing. In my limited experience Gwen stand out! - Anita Schult

What makes Gwen stand out as a yoga instructor?  I am an aerobic instructor from way back and appreciate how hard it is to plan a class for a variety of ability levels.  I like how she is able to instruct the class but at the same time walk around if needed and physically put participant’s bodies into correct alignment where necessary.  I know that I myself invite this as I am a stickler for correct technique, form and posture and sometimes I don’t realise the actual poor positioning of my body until it is pointed out.  I also like that she smiles during her class and make good eye contact with her participants. - Katrina Zemke

Gwen, you are an outstanding yoga teacher and I say that because you have a way of teaching, not just showing.  It is obvious that you want all of us to understand what we are doing, the benefits of it and the enjoyment it brings .  I know that I haven't seen you in AGES, but that doesn't mean I don't know what I am saying.  You are a gentle and kind soul which is reflected in your classes and your classes are a most pleasant and enjoyable experience. - Debra Mack

What makes Gwen stand out as a yoga teacher is her personality and her session flexibility. All sessions are individually tailored to the needs of the students on the day, which makes students look forward to experiencing and learning something new at every session. - Murray Johnson