(Re)Discover your 'IKIGAI' in the Japan Alps this Cherry Blossom season May 2020


What better place to enhance your Wabi-Sabi-ness (embracing the perfectly imperfect life) through Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement), Macrobiotic cooking etc. than Japan, the birthplace of Zen?

A retreat is ultimately to feel united and at home with your environment. Instead of isolating you from your surroundings, this retreat connects you with local people, traditions and cultures to help you feel grounded, even in a foreign setting. A chance to seek more meaning encounters, try something new, broaden your horizons and connect to people with unique points of view.

Join us in this sharing and learning opportunities and celebrate a melting pot of cultural diversity together!

Cost: $2700 (excludes air ticket and transfers)

• 7 nights accommodation (room sharing)
o 4 nights at Hotaka Yojoen
o 3 nights at Kamikochi
• 7 x brunches
• 7 x dinners
• Workshops
• Yoga with Gwen
• Forest Walk

• Return airticket (contact Gwen for an estimation)
• Bus transfer to and from Retreat Centre (contact Gwen for fares)
• Travel insurance
• Extra luggage fee
• Telephone calls
• Snacks & beverages
• Treatments and therapie


Gwen currently lives in the Southern Forest of WA, she grew up in Singapore and Japan. She is a yoga teacher and trainer, conducts classes, teacher training and sound meditation in the Shire of Manjimup.

Elly lives in Japan, travelled to Australia, fell in love with the mountains of Nagano where she decided to settle. She is a yoga teacher and will be assisting us on this retreat.

Contact Gwen at 0419774323 / namaste@bewithgwen.com


Minimum participants required are 10 pax. Please express your interest as early as possible by emailing to Gwen at namaste@bewithgwen.com Registration forms and additional information will be forwarded subsequently.

In September 2018 we had great success holding this retreat. Here are testimonials from the participants followed by photos taken by participants.