Introduction to Yoga Teachers Training

Yoga holds the key for self-unfoldment and self-improvement, but without a systematic knowledge and understanding, it can pose a big challenge to help others and ourselves.

A Teachers Training Course has two vital aspects:

1) Yoga knowledge and philosophy
2) Yoga skill

Is this the course for me?

It is open to anyone and everyone of all yoga levels with the commitment to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery, including:

  • People that would like to deepen their personal yoga practice and knowledge to become a yoga teacher and gain our internationally recognized Yoga Alliance Yoga Teaching qualification,

  • People who do not wish to be a yoga teacher but have a sincere desire to deepen their own knowledge, understanding Yoga from a teacher’s perspective and Self

  • People who have a persisting health issue and would like to use yoga as a healing tool to manage it properly

  • Young people just out of college and middle aged folks entering a second career or seeking a new skill set after the kids have grown up

  • People who value diversity and inclusivity

  • Curious yogis interested in an integration of ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, psychological, scientific and spiritual

This course is a rewarding journey for both who wish to teach yoga and those who are ready to embark on a personal journey of self-enquiry.

For those who wish to teach, the training will empower you to self-awareness, self-healing and self-discovery, and provide you with the knowledge and confidence to lead classes.

f you are enrolling in 100 Hours course, there is no prerequisite. All are welcome - whether you are completely new to the practice of Yoga or have been doing it for some time and now you would like to understand yoga techniques and meanings.

Accreditation of our TTC programs

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Firstly, Gwen Wenli is authorized to conduct Union Yoga Ayurveda’s Yoga Teachers Training program.

Secondly, Union Yoga Ayurveda is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance, USA, as well as affiliated to Indian Institute of Patanjali Yoga of Paramhansa Samsthana, India. Through our curriculum, we create a foundation for teaching yoga skillfully, effectively and relevantly; it is one of the most holistic and therapeutic yoga teacher training available.

Yoga Alliance is the world’s largest and widely recognized standards-setting organization for Yoga Teachers. Our Yoga Alliance certified training qualifies you to teach in both Australia and all over the world upon graduation. After the successful completion of the course you may register with Yoga Alliance as Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs).

We embrace a holistic approach to the path of yoga, combining the wisdom of traditional yoga with contemporary understandings of the body. The yoga taught is not another ‘style’ of Yoga but draws from the healing traditions of the Swami Paramhansa and Swami Vivekananda lineage.

Course Structure

Start by enrolling in 100 hours and progressively upgrading to 250/350/500 hours. o achieve 500 hours, you keep adding the additional hours of the next course.

 All TTC are designed as follows:

  • After the completion of Foundation I you are awarded 100 hours certificate. At the time of registration, you pay 100 hours course fees.

  • If you like to continue with the Foundation II, then you are awarded 250 hours certificate and you pay the difference of 250 hours course fees.

  • If you would like to continue further with Foundation III, you are awarded 350 hours certificate and you pay the difference of 350 hours course fees.

  • Finally if you decide to continue with Advance you are awarded 500 hours certificate and you pay the difference of 500 hours course fees.

Example: Once you enroll into Foundation I and have paid $1800 for it. After completion of 100 hrs, you decide that you would like to proceed to Foundation II, then you simply add 150 more hours toward the 250 hours and you just pay the difference of course fees which in this case will be $2650 and so on.

Course Objectives:

Foundation I:  This is the first step to your yoga journey if you would like to share or teach yoga. This course is recommended for people who would like to deepen their knowledge and practice of yoga particularly asana and would like to become self-practitioner. This course primarily focuses on the technique, training, practice & all categories of yoga asanas & sequences, and gives you an insight into Yoga health & diet.

Foundation II: This second step is your initiation towards being a yoga teacher.  It builds upon the technique, training & practice part of the teacher-training program and teaches you to practice pranayama and understanding Yoga Physiology of prana bodies. This course also deepens the knowledge & understanding of human anatomy & physiology in context of yoga asana & pranayama practice, which allows you to practice safely yourself, and while imparting this knowledge & practice to others. You will start to study the most notable Patanjali Yoga Sutra, and the importance of communication and Teaching Methodologies.

Foundation III: This builds your knowledge & understanding further in the area of yoga philosophy & yoga skills both. In the yoga application part of the course, you will have the chance to understand how yoga addresses stress cycles, yogic diet and Ayurveda its relevance to the practice, in this course you will learn about Yoga Physiology including detail study of chakra system.  You will start the Study the Mindfulness. In the Technique, Training & Practice (TTP) part, you will be introduced to special techniques to lower back pain, Yoga Nidra and Mindfulness.

Advance: This course builds your knowledge & understanding further in the area of yoga philosophy & modern yoga styles both. In the Philosophy part of the course, you will get a chance to understand the Science of Ayurveda In the TTP part, we will explore some styles of yoga and special techniques.

Details of Yoga Teacher Training programs

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Course Content of 100/250/350/500 hrs of TTC

Part A Yoga Knowledge (Yoga Darshan)

Part A Yoga Knowledge (Yoga Darshan)

Part B Yoga Skills & Practice (Yoga Abhyasa)

Part B Yoga Skills & Practice (Yoga Abhyasa)

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The Best South West, WA has to offer - Our Stunning Location

Shire of Manjimup - Western Australia

A Yoga Teacher Training is one of the most incredible adventures you will have in your life, so our goal is to ensure that you get immersed into this eye-opening adventure on one of the most beautiful locations on earth! If you have always dreamed of a life of tranquility, surrounded by natural forest and the peaceful vibes of a environment with abundance of fresh produce – then you will soon find the South West of Western Australia is the perfect yoga teacher training destination for you.

Why Choose The Southern Forest For Your Yoga Teacher Training?

Unplug from the hectic rush of the modern world and reconnect with Nature/Self
Our species originated as part of nature, we long to return to our natural state. This is why many believe that wilderness areas are vital for the human spirit and creativity. Natural places provide us with solitude, recreation, and beautiful vistas that calm our minds and help us to feel at peace and connected with our truest self. In the words of Yanomami shaman Davi Kopenawa, ‘The environment is not separate from ourselves; we are inside it and it is inside us.’

Pristine environment
The southwest is not marred by congestion, traffic jams, dirty air or noise pollution, so you can unwind, de-stress and rejuvenate in a quiet and pristine environment.

On the edge of wilderness
Filters and cleans the air we breathe and the water we drink. Our forests produce oxygen that the world depends upon. Additionally being far enough away from the light pollution, we get to observe the night sky, the stars and planets, and the Milky Way in their full splendor.

Access and camping on sacred sites during your yoga experience
During the Yoga Teacher Training you will get to enjoy the pristine beaches and waters on ancestral lands. Recommended reading Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe.

‘Shinrin-yoku’ in Karri forest
Inspired by ancient Japanese practices,  Shinrin-yoku is to let nature enter your body through all five senses. Walking among these ancient trees without distractions or hurrying ― ideally for two hours or more ― counts as a bath in the forest.

Visit Stellar Violets (
Stellar Library, Living Museum & Gallery offers educational and wellness programs from food, waste renewal, solar energy, water harvesting, Nature Playgroup to exploring self and how we want to give meaning to our life.

See where your foods come from
Visiting vegetable gardens, truffle farm, winery, dairy, fruit orchards and tasting them straight off the tree.

Walk the Bibbulmun track
The trail extends from Perth to Albany, whichever section you choose to walk and complete, you will feel an inner peace, a sense of confidence to keep moving forward with readiness. Hiking is perhaps one of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of nature and wildlife. Have you ever wondered why hiking is soothing? This is due to various wood and plant essential oils called phytoncide responsible for the positive effects of forest air, inhaling phytoncide actually improve immune system function. Even food taste extra delicious in nature!

The most valuable Yoga Teacher Training experience on the market
On top of getting certified as a yoga teacher, you get to experience the legacy of untouched wild lands by indigenous guardians, interact with primary growers and understand the food system. No doubt this experience will be an unforgettable story that will change your life

Exploring this stunning part of the world
This region is the gateway to many other popular sites and locations, and many students stay on after they graduate the Yoga Teacher Training to soak up more of the Great Southern vibes.

Fonty's Pool.jpg

Fonty's Pool is a historic freshwater swimming pool near Manjimup, Western Australia.

It is registered with the National Trust of Australia as an area of heritage significance.


Fonty's Pool
Fonty's Pool offer a range of accommodation to suit all budgets; shared accommodation can be as low as $30 depending on the numbers (please contact Gwen for this option), there are non-powered, powered caravan and camp sites. For more information visit Fonty's Pool.

Malimup Springs (to be confirmed)
Malimup Springs covers approximately 100 acres of land and is located within the D’Entrecasteaux National Park in the south west of Western Australia. The February 2015 Northcliffe bushfire destroyed almost all of the buildings on the site. Malimup Springs is a very important place from an Aboriginal Cultural Perspective and has significant environment value.  The hydrology of the region is also very unique. Fresh water bubbles to the surface at many points on the property and in a number of places waterfalls run from the ancient cliffs directly onto the beach and water drips from caves along the beach.